Wedding Dress Themes and Types

There is ethnic wedding attire, from a Celtic wedding gown to an African wedding gown to a Chinese wedding dress; there is Period wedding wear, from a Victorian wedding gown to an antique wedding gown to a medieval wedding dress; and there is climate-adjusted wedding apparel, from a winter wedding gown to a tropical wedding dress to a summer wedding dress. Evidently, brides love to mirror their dresses to their heritage, historical penchants, moods and seasons!

If you are the type who has dreamed of a fairy tale wedding dress since you were of a tender age, you are probably in the market for a Victorian wedding dress, a Renaissance wedding gown or a vintage wedding gown. A starker look for a serious, austere bride is the Gothic wedding dress or Gothic wedding gown to blend neatly with a Cathedral ceremony.

Quite opposite from this serious breed of Period dress is the casual beach wedding dress and the Hawaiian wedding dress. This modern wedding dress style of the beach wedding gown can be rather fun and sassy for a destination wedding in the Caribbean or a Cape Cod wedding bash, particularly in a pastel color and dynamic fabric.

For those brides who wish to give a nod to their background as they celebrate their marriage, there are a variety of styles and colors for an African wedding dress, Chinese wedding gown, Celtic wedding dress, Indian wedding dress or western wedding gown. Regional or heritage dresses such as a western wedding dress can turn your wedding into a rich experience for you, your loved ones and family who have traveled from afar to witness their pedigree build.

If your first marriage was a classic and traditional ceremony with a white lace dress, for the second time around you may want to diversify and choose a second wedding gown that incorporates your background. A second marriage wedding dress is a chance to bust out of being ordinary. You might even consider choosing something flashy, such as a celebrity wedding gown--a celebrity wedding dress such as a princess wedding gown akin to Princess Di's will set your second go so far apart from the first. There is virtually no end to how you can spin your wedding; with the right dress, you and your guests can step into another dimension.