Prom Dress Types

There are quite a few teenage girls these days who steer toward the sexy prom dress direction. A flirty prom dress is becoming more and more accepted among young females. What is thought of as a "hot" prom dress may manifest itself as brightly colored, intricately patterned or generously cut down. A hot 2006 prom dress may be all of the above. Another sort of prom dress that is popular is the vintage prom dress, a kind of ball gown prom dress that is generally puffier and makes a bold, dramatic entrance. For a formal prom dress, a girl may even want to consider a somewhat Gothic prom dress to really make a statement. A junior prom dress, however, could be a bit less formal and more of the flirty prom dress variety.

For rather alternative high school girls, the punk prom dress is an option. A sort of street, ad hoc compilation of fabrics, colors and cuts, the punk prom dress is on the rise for young women who tend to shun the mainstream notion of prom. Jokester girls occasionally don the hyperbolic Halloween prom dress costume to make fun of the whole prom scenario.