Wedding Dress Color

While a classic white lace wedding dress is popular and makes for an elegant wedding gown, a colored wedding dress can be a fun alternative for setting apart your ceremony, particularly in the case of a themed wedding. A traditional Indian wedding entails that the bride wear a red wedding dress, or a red sari. A destination wedding on a beach, on the other hand, may be the perfect venue in which to wrap the bride in a breezy pink wedding gown. A pink wedding dress is also quintessential bridesmaid attire.

A colored wedding gown for the bride can make a statement. Where a lace wedding gown can give off a provincial, almost pinched aura, a colored wedding gown hails the bride as a risk taker, an original and one who is not afraid to break from tradition (except in the case of the Indian red wedding dress, which is aptly traditional). A colored wedding dress may just be the perfect aesthetic to top off your wedding.